Integrity and Relationships

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Why being your most-authentic self matters when it comes to love and dating.

Integrity. It’s one of the fundamental values at the heart of our approach to dating and relationships here at Bloom Consultancy. But what does it really mean? And how can it shape your love life? Integrity is a supercharged blend of honesty and trustworthiness. Simply, it means living in harmony with your values and ethics and sticking to your word. It’s also used to describe something that is whole and complete. And this definition is important too – because bringing your whole self into any relationship is key to its future success.

Integrity is something we should all aspire too, especially when it comes to a potential partner. We have brought together some of the ways you can inject a little more integrity into your relationship and dating behaviour below.

Be Honest About What You (Really) Want

This one sounds simple, but it can be tough. If you’re a natural people pleaser or you find it hard to articulate your needs, then being honest with a new partner about what you want can feel daunting. But failing to express your needs clearly can see you quickly travelling in the wrong direction. Be honest about what you want and need from a relationship from the start. You may end up compromising or shifting those needs as the relationship grows, but by putting them out there at an early stage, you can both make better decisions about your future.

Define Your Values

Integrity means being true to your values and ethics. But have you stopped to think about what your values really are? In order to bring true integrity to any part of your life, you need to define the values that matter to you. From kindness and respect to religious beliefs. Take some time to sit down and write down the five values that you would like a new partner to share. It can be game-changing when it comes to love and dating.

Never Play a Part

You are amazing! You have so much to offer someone new! So, why wouldn’t you let that wonderful person out? It’s an easy misstep that many of us make when we are looking for love. We create an image, a person that we think someone else would want to date rather than being true to who we are. Remember, there is a fine line between presenting your best, most-authentic self and projecting something that simply isn’t you. Tread it carefully.

Keep Your Word

One of the most important parts of integrity is being trustworthy. And to gain and nurture trust your actions have to measure up to your words. Don’t cancel dates without good reason. Show up on time. And if you offer your help and support in any way – make sure you follow through on it. Erosion of trust can break down even the strongest relationship, and it can be devastating for a new one. Never break your word without very good reason. Looking to put integrity at the heart of your relationship search? Bloom Consultancy can help you to date differently. Get in touch today to find out more. 

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