Why Choose Matchmaking Over Online Dating?

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How many profiles have you swiped through in your search for a match?  How many bad first dates have you sat through, staring across a table at someone who looks nothing like their profile picture? In the last decade, online dating has exploded. Going from a niche industry to something that almost every adult you know will have experienced. But although online dating is successful for some, it isn’t the answer to every relationship search. It can be painful, time-consuming, and sometimes, downright hard work. There is a better way. Especially when you’re searching for someone who shares your cultural and religious values.

Matchmaking is as old as human history. The art of bringing together two people, is just that, an art. So, why leave your future in the hands of a tech company? Instead, choose a team of relationship experts who offer personalised support that puts you at the centre of the dating experience. Choose matchmaking.

Still not sure whether matchmaking is for you? Discover some of the ways matchmaking trumps online dating, below.

People Not Algorithms

We live in a digital world. One where smart technology has changed how we live. But you aren’t a collection of code. You are a unique, complex person, searching for another unique, complex person. You can’t be summed up in a 100-word profile. Or by a generic list of likes and dislikes. Our relationship experts have years of experience in bringing together people based on who they really are. People who complement each other’s strengths. People with the potential to build a life together. We put our clients at the centre of the process. And that makes us great at what we do.

Support At Every Step

Stepping into the dating pool can be overwhelming. Especially if you are returning to dating after a breakup or you have never used any type of dating service in the past. We understand this and part of our job as matchmakers is to be your cheerleader every step of the way. From professional profile photos to sessions with our expert dating and relationship coach. Every part of the matchmaking experience is built around making you feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Constructive Feedback

There is nothing more frustrating than enjoying what you thought was an amazing date only to never hear from that person again. Unfortunately, some people approach online dating the way they do online shopping, trying on different people with little regard for the feelings of those who aren’t a perfect fit. We understand that not every match we make can be the right one, but through post-date feedback and evaluation, we ensure that every date is time well spent. Helping you to refine your search and grow in confidence throughout the dating process.

At Bloom Consultancy, our business is your long-term happiness. And our team of relationship experts can help you to transform your dating experience. Don’t settle for date after disappointing online date. Contact us today and start dating differently.

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