Are you looking to meet your match this Valentines Day?

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At Bloom Consultancy, a one of a kind premier Muslim matchmaking agency for professionals, we are in the business of finding the perfect match for those serious about looking for a life long partner. We pride ourselves on our expertise knowledge of match making, our calibre of clients and above all our confidential approach. 

If you are single, you may have noticed the dreaded ‘V’ Day looming . . . hard not to miss it . . . unless you walk around with a blindfold on! Rather than avoiding this date why not take the bold step of using this time of year to take stock of your life so far . . . celebrate all you have achieved and reflect on what you have learnt from past relationships. Envisage what type of relationship you see for yourself in the future and consider what personality traits makes a person compatible to you. Take the proactive step of contacting us and we’ll do the rest. 

Whilst investing in your health is considered a must these days, it seems for most people their personal life just isn’t a top priority. You may have recently invested in a new gym membership or perhaps a Personal Trainer and are reaping the results of all that hard work paying off. So why not do the same for your love life? 

After all, love is not a new concept. Historically, love and it’s celebration isn’t taboo in Islam, rather the perceived western application of it. According to the Center of Islamic Research in Cairo – 1950’s Egypt celebrated the ‘Day of Love’ on the 4th November. Sadly it never really caught on and Valentines Day with its unashamedly commercial focus has taken root thanks to social media.

This year to celebrate Valentines Day or your ‘Day of Love’ we are offering a 10% discount on all memberships for a two week period only. What could be better than buying a loved one in the family or a friend the ‘gift of love’ this Valentines Day. So pick up the phone, we would love to hear from you . . .  

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