Building Trust In a New Relationship

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How can you learn to put your heart in someone else’s hands?

Trust is the centre at every relationship in our lives. From the most mundane – the companies that provide us with services and goods – to the most meaningful – those with family and friends. But perhaps the most important expectation we have of trust is the trust we share with our partner. Any romantic relationship we have is built on a foundation of trust, honesty, commitment, and shared values. But once this trust is broken, it’s very hard to stop the whole relationship from sinking into the mud. So, when it comes to a new relationship, how do we make sure trust is there from the start? We’ve brought together our top advice on building trust in a new relationship, below.

Leave Old Trust Issues Behind

One of the most difficult things to do is to open yourself up to trust in a new relationship when you have been burnt in the past. You have to take the time to heal from old wounds and obtain the support you need before jumping into something new. Then you need to leave that emotional baggage at the door. Remember, you are stepping into this new relationship because you care deeply about this person and they care deeply about you in return. They are not your ex.

Develop a Culture of Openness

Breaking down walls and being open with a new partner can lay the framework for a trusting and healthy relationship. This applies to every area of your life from being open with your phone and computer to avoiding those little white lies that can creep into conversations. This doesn’t mean giving up on privacy – but it does mean being willing to let someone share in your life.

Share Your Feelings

Everyone gets jealous occasionally. Most of us have the odd insecure moment when it comes to trusting someone entirely. But it’s what you do with those feelings that really counts. If you can pause, take a breath and share your anxieties in a calm and non-confrontational way, you can normally talk things out. It’s easy for small issues to fester into big problems in our head, so always take the time to look at them rationally. It will make your relationship stronger in the long run.

Learn to be Vulnerable

Sometimes the best way to trust someone fully is simply to do it. To open yourself up to someone else despite the risk that somehow and someday they may break that trust. Remember that every new relationship is a leap of faith and if you feel that your partner has the potential to be your perfect match, then you have to be prepared to take the jump. Here at Bloom Consultancy we are Muslim dating experts and certified matchmakers. Our passion is your long-term happiness and we have an amazing team of dating professionals waiting to help you connect with people who like you are Muslim and single. Get in touch today to find out more

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