5 Unusual (And Hopelessly Romantic) Love Stories

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Could opening your mind and your heart improve your chances of finding lasting love? Love is strange and it can strike when and where we least expect it. And sometimes with someone who surprises us for all the right reasons. Anyone who has watched any rom-com ever can tell you that. But have you ever thought that your expectations of dating as a single Muslim could be limiting your chances of meeting a potential partner? Is the image of Mr or Mrs. Right so well-defined in your head that it’s almost impossible for anyone to live up to? If that sounds like you then you’re not alone. Many of us set rigid dating expectations that can quickly grow into walls and stop us pursuing opportunities for love. It’s important to strike a balance between our key relationship needs and impossible expectations. That’s why we have brought together five of our favourite unusual love stories. They might inspire you to approach every situation with an open mind, because you never know if your perfect match is just around the corner.

Love on a Mountain Top

Not many couples can claim to have met on top of a mountain but one couple in a recent reddit thread did just that. They met when he warned her about snowy conditions as he was travelling down a Himalayan trail and she was travelling up. That brief conversation turned into one neither of them wanted to end and now they are husband and wife.

Mutual Stand Up

Digital dating has its downsides. One unlucky redditor was stood up by his recent Tinder date in a restaurant. The good news is he wasn’t alone. He got talking to a woman in the same restaurant who had been stood up by her Tinder date too. Sparks flew, dinner followed, and they are now planning a wedding!

Wrong Number – Happy Ending

Another poster shared their uncle’s unusual love story in a recent thread. As a single dad raising a child alone, he struggled to find time to date. He returned a call to a wrong number and enjoyed the conversation so much that he followed up by stopping by the caller’s work (a hair salon) for a chat. A date followed, along with another, and another, and now they are happily married!

Changing Plans

After striking up a conversation on an online forum about food, Tom felt a connection with one poster. But as he told Stylecaster, he wasn’t looking for anything serious – he was due to move out of the city in just a few months. A blind date followed and once he saw the woman in front of him, all bets were off. His moving plans quickly changed, and that poster is now his wife!

Book Lovers

This reddit thread threw up a seriously cute and unexpected love story. One poster told the story of how his uncle met his aunt. She was a librarian, he was painfully shy. He would go into the library often and check out books just for an excuse to talk to her. After two months he had built up a pile of fines that she offered to waive if he took her on a date. They never looked back. Want to create your own epic love story but feel like fate isn’t playing along? At Bloom Consultancy, we take an open-minded approach to love and dating. Putting your core values at the heart of the search for your forever match. Get in touch today to find out more.

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